Monday, 17 July 2017

Hacking Monks Reloaded (Intro)

Hello, Friend!

I am Sai.

This is my channel HACKING MONKS

I am a blogger and a security researcher.

This channel will contribute tutorials for Ethical Hackers and Web Penetration Testers.

Together we can share knowledge and make security rigid.

I am also in a learning stage. Hope I can bring new things to share with you guys.

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  1. Please help me hack into a snapchat account I can give you the username just email me please I'm having a really hard time getting into this one. Email here.

  2. Sir tell me which graduation is best for cyber security in indIn

  3. I need to get into my Facebook messenger I do not have access to my email and I do not have access to the phone that I used to set it up I do however have the old password what can I do please help and by the way I am broke as a joke