Friday, 24 February 2017

bWapp hacking site (dummy)

Steps and Instructions -

Whats up guys...

In this tutorial we will see how to set up a website to hack.

We will be using bwapp for this.

BWAPP is a virtual Ubuntu server machine and a website.

You cant just go hack any random website, that could cause you trouble man. Just use this web app which will be the same as any website.

Steps -

First we will download the virtual machine from here

You will get a RAR file which you can extract using WIN RAR.

After extracting the file you will get a folder.

(Assuming you have a virtual machine running)

Just open the file named "bee-box"

or go to your virtual machine and select open a virtual machine in the home tab.

Browse through the folder where the virtual image is and select it.

Open the virtual machine and some boot steps will be conducted by the VMWARE bee box.

After that you will get a ubuntu server running.

You will get a Desktop icon named start beewap. Double click to run it.

This will start the website.

Open a browser in your Kali Linux and type in the IP address of the Ubuntu machine (you can check the IP address of the machine by typing ifconfig in the terminal)

Then a web page appears, select bwapp.

You will get the target website.

There is a login panel if you want. The username is "bee" and the password is "bug"

We will do some hacking with this webisite in the upcming tutorials.

Thank you guys for watching the tutorial.

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