Monday, 16 January 2017

Running Metasploit on any android (without root or deploy linux)

Step by step instructions and easy way of installing Debain and Metasploit on android
Hey whatsupp guys....

So in this article I will be showing you guys how you can run Metasploit on any android without rooting and without deploying Kali Linux.

As we all know that running Kali Linux on android is very complicated and offensive security team has admitted about the VNC problems with the deploy.

Below is the screen shot of official site - 

So I have found an alternate way of running tools of Kali Linux on android without ROOT.

What I will do is, I will run Debain on android and then install Metasploit on it. 

Its very simple process, lets do it.

What are the requirements of the android to run this ?????

Just you need free space of 2 GB in internal SD. That's it.

If your hardware is more then 1gb RAM, it runs even smoother.

I have a spare TAB where I try things out like these-

Hardware specs - 

Android 4.4.2

Kernal version 3.4.67

512mb RAM

Its china.


First we will install and run a Debain App called Debain NoRoot.

Its an App which lets you run Debain Operating System on your Android phone. (without root)

It is also available on Playstore. Just search for Debain NoRoot.

But I will download it from an external link. 

Search for the App on google.

As I said, also available on Playstore mate.

Found a good apk section.

Let me download it.

In process. 

After downloading we have to run this App.

Download folder image man

Here I am in the downloads folder to click on it.

Ok so it is finished, launch the app

After opening the App, it will automatically start to download files from its reps. So you need a good internet connection to go through this. I even have done it on 2g, no worries mate.

You can minimize the process and work on your tab simultaneously.

If you don't have enough space in your Android, you may get this error. So release some space and try again. It won't start from the beginning, it will resume from where the error was shown. No need to do it from the beginning.

So after a lot of time it took, but is worth it.

This means that you have a Debain OS running on your Android. And you can use this as a actual machine.

The screen shots are taken inside the Debain OS. Cool....

Now why are you waiting ??? Go root and get apt man....

Say  "apt-get update" following with "apt-get upgrade"

apt-get install git

 "git clone".

Change directory with: "cd metasploit-script".

Then run the script inside: "sh".

This will start long loading process and you need to be patient.

Now you have to close root terminal and open the normal terminal.

Change directory again with: "cd opt/metasploit-framework/".

Install gems with: "bundle install" command.

Now you're done! Start metasploit with "msfconsole" and enjoy.

(I couldn't screen shot it because of the low RAM memory. With 500mb RAM you cant run a Metasploit meterpreter)

Thank you guys for reading this article. Have a safe hack.

You may want to see my other Metasploit Tutorials - 


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