Thursday, 26 January 2017

Python Tutorial - 17 (argument amount)

Today we will learn how to add amount in an argument in a a function
We will just create a simple function -

def add_numbers (*sai):

Here I have created a def that we will add two numbers (like a calculator)

The function is said add_numbers

The argument contains * 

That's because we don't know what we want to add yet.

In the future we will add a number to it.

This will make us use manymore arguments in the end. We can add as many amounts we want.

That's it. Go ahead and complete the code.

total = 0

for a in sai:

print (total)

add_numbers (45)
add_numbers (54656)
add_numbers (4565)

Now as above you can add unlimited numbers for your calculator.

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