Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Darkcomet Rat Tutorial (Trojans are awesome)

Steps and instructions -
Hey guys welcome to another tutorial.

This time we will be hacking windows machine with Darkcomet Rat using a windows machine 💀

What is this DARKCOMET ??

It is a tool which builds a rat and acts as a server to hack the target system.

(I keep my tutorials simple as much as possible)

What can we do with this RAT ??

We can send keyloggers, take screenshots, remote host, obtain shell(command line) of the target system. These are only some of the things.... You have many more.

Steps -

* We need to download the tool (There are no downloads available on the official website as the project has been stopped by the team. I have found the link from a trusted source which has been uploaded on media fire. Although you will get the Darkcomet Trojan remover instead of the Trojan on the official website LOL)

Here is the download link. Don't delete this tool or you won't get this anywhere as I had done the same mistake.

Extract the RAR file and you will get a Folder.

* In that folder run the .exe file

You will get a GUI interface on your screen.

Now we need to create a RAT file with a .exe extension.

* On top left corner you will get blue tab saying "Darkcomet RAT"

Under that you will select "server modules"

Another sub option is "Full editor". Select the option.

You will get some options to setup.

Here you will leave the options as it is.

* We will move to network settings.

Here in the IP section we need to enter our IP address. You can check your IP address by typing "ipconfig" in windows command prompt.

Note - If you are doing this on a WAN network then you might want to put your public IP. You need to port forward you router too.

Here the default port is 1604. You can add any port. The RAT will be listening to that port.

* Now we will move to Install Message tab. Here you can select to display a message or not.

The message will appear when the target user will double click to install the RAT. 

It depends upon the target.

* We will move to the keylogger section

Make sure the keylogger option is checked.

It will send logs through FTP.


We get many more advanced options to setup our RAT.

This time it is OK to run. So we will build the RAT by clicking on "Builf The Stub" in the right corner.

It will ask where to save the file(RAT). I will save it on the Desktop. Name it like Virus or something.

Here i have named it Monks

At the end we ill have a .exe file which is our RAT.

Now we have some real work to do.

We have to make the target user to run this file.


Here you will have to use your social engineering skills. There are many ways you can do this.

Upload the file on Media Fire and send the link to the target saying this is a FB hacking app. I bet may of them will try to run it.

You can upload it and send the links on social media websites.


I am running Win Xp in vmware. This will be my target sys. Now ill just copy paste it on the target sys.

 * Next step is to go back to the tool and in the home screen tool we get an option tab saying 'socket/net'

Here you will right click on the empty space and say 'add port'

You should enter the port number which you have set the RAT to.

In my case it was 1604. I will click on 'listen'

Notice that there will be a notification that the port is listening to 1608 port.

an> Now when the target double clicks on the RAT, It will display him a message that we had written while setting up the Trojan RAT.

When the target runs the RAT, you will get the host in the home screen tab of the tool.

Users tab will show you the target host. Here my target is the second host. I will double click on it.

You will get a controller window.

That's it.

We can do so many things here.

Under the FUN MANAGER tab you can hide desktop, clock, task icons, taskbar and many more things.

You can disable task manager.

When ever a windows user faces a problem he will go to task manager to end the troubling process. Disabling the task manager can force him to shutdown his computer.

There is also another option whew we can open the CD or close the CD drive to freak him out.

I have done this live on the video tutorial above.

You can play PIANO on the target system to irritate the user

Send the target machine a message 

Or get a shell on the target to do post exploitation process

Need a live view ??? Why not do Remote Access 

What to do you want more from this tool ????

I want to tell you guys another thing here. As I have done it on LAN, you can do this on WAN too.

Just open your browser and access the router page by saying or depending upon your router.

In the advanced tab you will get open port option. Just open the port and start listening to it.

That's it. You should know that if you go and find open ports in online scanners, you wouldn't get open ports there, thats because your ISP wont let an external website to scan your ports.

That's because any ISP wouldn't let you open any ports.


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  3. I'm trying to use DarkComet v5.3.1 on a Windows PC, but, every time I open the DarkComet.exe file Windows Defender removes it, I've even installed Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and turned off Windows Smartscreen and Windows Defender on both, but to no avail, Is it possible to Use DarkComet on these OS's if not whitch OS's Will it run on?

    The funny thing is I have a dedicated Kali-Linux 2020 machine running Virtual Box v6.1 with a Windows 8.1 Virtualisation and DarkComet Runs on that machine with no issues.