Tuesday, 10 January 2017

10 PCS Locksmith Tool Key Remove

10 PCS Locksmith Tool Key Remove Removal Hooks Lock Kit Broken Key Extractor Set by ExGizmo

Product Description
10pcs key extractor tool set by Natilaviki Shop

I have already posted a pick lock gadget here - Hackers fav Sport Picking Locks

Picking Locks is the hackers most awesome trick 

Have you heard Mr.Robot saying this ? yes then you are a true fan and a cool hacker. As a hacker it's
the fav sport and as a pen tester it's a hobby. I am learning these tricks nowadays. It will vary with locks to locks. 

Mr.Robot picks a lock in season 1 and we were amused to see that the trend and style of hackers have not changed as in breaking security physically. As pen testers we have to adopt these tricks because the physical security is also a part of hacking.

But to practice these picking techs we need a good tool. I have been searching myself for these tools and found this. Hope you guys have fun with these.....

These are specially made to break. Transparency gives us to see what's going on under them. The tools here are made to make us study and practice with different types of locks.

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  1. Nice equipment.Now a days the traditional locksmith tools are not in trend on the place of it the locksmith are using modern tools to unlock the lock .Locksmith Dublin

    1. True. The new lock picks are not stable. The old once where hard to work with but effective.