Friday, 24 February 2017

Some Drones you may want to see

Some basic drones available over the internet 

Details - 
It is made of PA 66 high grade plastic with 4 crossed fiber carbon tubes inserted and 4 PA 66 motor mount.

arrow mark showing how it must be inserted into the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 body set.
Two wire beams. One to bring the battery power to the engines, and a another one composed of a 5V supply to control every motor.
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Enabling you to capture exciting aerial adventures; the white X4 Mini H107C+ features a 720p camera with microSD recording capability. The quad sports a flying time of up to seven minutes and a control range of up to 490 ; depending on conditions. Includes 2.4 GHz; 4-channel transmitter (radio controller) Integrated 720p HD flight camera with microSD slot for recording video and photos (microSD card available separately) 530 mAh LiPo battery lasts up to seven minutes and features USB recharging 6-axis gyro flight stabilization system with adjustable sensitivity to suit a range of skill levels Altitude hold function enabled by barometric sensor Four LED running lights to aid in orientation; especially in low light
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DECAL ONLY - Yuneec Q500 & Q500+ Not Included
Add style to your Yuneec Q500 & Q500+ Quadcopter Drone
Quick and easy to apply
Protect your Yuneec Q500 & Q500+ Quadcopter Drone from dings and scratches
Removable, no sticky mess guaranteed!

This Quadcopter has no Camera & Flying Range is less than 150 Metres & wieght is less than 500 gms.

This Drone has a 4 Rotor Design with 6 Axis Gyroscope , which Achieves super Wind Performance . This Drone also Contains Blade Protection Device to prevent blades from Damage during an Accidental Crash. This Device Contains No Camera & Flying Range is less than 12 Meters .

This Drone has Colorful Flashing Lights & they can glow when its getting a little Dark . The 2.4 Ghz Remote Control uses Spread Spectrum Technology which has the Best Anti Interference Ability with minimum Power Consumption so that more Helicopters can be flown at the same time & this technologies reaction time is 100 times 
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