Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Why the hell Hackers use KALI LINUX ????

So as a beginner you certainly have a mind boggling question that why all hackers (even the best one) use Kali Linux for Hacking ?? Here is the best answer that I can come up with......

First of all you need to know exactly what is Kali Linux. 

Kali Linux - It is a Debian Operating System made for Penetration Testing. Means you have an operating system specially made for Hacking purpose. Its an opensource Operating system (this means its free).

So now you now know what is Kali. Now lets see why we use this-

Kali Linux is the biggest and most awesome Penetration Distribution ever found. I mean big means really big. Kali Linux is continuously updated. It brings new features and new releases every now and then. The latest is Kali Sana rolling edition

If you want to download Kali Linux or explore this you can visit the Offensive Security website ie Kali Linux official website - kali.org

Now back to the topic - 
Kali has TOOLS which can hack. TOOLS here are nothing but the software which in you can perform hacks. Hundreds of tools inbuilt. You don't need to download or install anything. And they all are for free. Just you have to run them (this is tricky).

So if you ask me "why should i go for Kali when there are other hacking OS like PARROT, BLACKARCH, BACKBOX, ANONYMOUS-LIVE ..."
Well I have installed and ran these all to check them out. I have found a few problems with these OS's. Like dependency, up-gradation, repositories...
But any how I would recommend you to try them all. I always preferred Kali over them all. 

Kali is stable, fast, runs on min. hardware, supports kernels and so on. 

Its very good for beginners. That's the point we need. See Linux is complicated as hell when you don't understand it. When you get your basics right, you rule it.

Besides that you can run Kali in VMware or Live bootable. No place you cant run and hack LOL.

Kali comes with most used tools like METASPLOT, SQLNINJA, NMAP and loads of them. I had written an article on list of Kali Linux tools, you can find it here.

The bottom line is "Kali will always be there for you, if you know how to exploit with it"

Thank you for reading this article. 
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