Friday, 25 November 2016

What it takes to be a Hacker (Qualification, Essentials, Needs and Reality)

Every beginner wants to be a PRO, but what it takes to be a hacker ?

First of all we need to know who is a Hacker (very important to describe yourself when you become one) - 

A hacker is a person who breaks security of a network or a computer. 

But wait its not that simple. There are many types of Hackers. Here is a post I have written on types of hackers - click here 

To be a good hacker (any type of hacker) you need to know one thing, that is "how to hack". Yes you heard me right. 

The only thing a hacker should concentrate on is how to exploit and don't leave any clue. 

(I am elaborating as simple as i can) 

Now what it takes to break in the security ???

Don't get me started cause there are lots of things involved.

For ex- 

* Hacking a Website - You need to know how websites work. If you go blind in this hack, you wont get anywhere.

* Hacking a Wi-Fi - If you don't know WPA, WEP and other encryption (security methods) you wont even stand a chance.

Like this there are tons of different hacks. As I always say "It all depends upon you and the TARGET"

Qualification -

No need of any if you are doing illegal activity. 

If you want to be a Certified Hacker or A Penetration Tester, You might want to get you Engineering done. Most of the IT companies that hire Ethical Hackers do not see your Ethics more then you qualification.

For a course - you can always go for CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) 

But this course is difficult to pass if you are a beginner in computers.

So try out these before CEH - like N+, CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, Network Security. All these are available on the WEB or visit your nearest Computer Academy. 

Essentials - 

As EMINEM raps - "A computer must be in my genes and a laptop in my back pocket" lol

Yes. You need a good understanding about computers and networks. And you need a laptop.

Needs - 

Learning is must. No shortcuts. For a hacker should have at least basic understanding of - 

Computer hardware 
Basic networking (to understand what you are hacking)
Security (to break it you must know it)
Using hacking tools (these software wont hack automatically and not easy) 
Running Linux (cant hack in windows - not much scope for flexibility)

NO CODING (programming) is req.

Yep, you have automated tools to hack. Why you want to make your own.

People say that the tools you make are safe. I beg to defer. Nobody is anonymous. Trust me.

Reality - 

You need to learn everything you get in front of you. I never said it was easy.

Endless knowledge.

You wont get anywhere if you don't start now. And don't stop until you get to something. 

Try on my tutorials, go google or youtube. But don't get tiered. 

Good luck guys have a safe hack.

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