Sunday, 13 November 2016

What is METASPLOIT ? Why do all hackers use this ?

Metasploit is the mother and father of all hacking tool frameworks

Yes you heard me right. All hackers (even the best one) use this HACKTARD tool.

What is this METAPSLOIT ? 

Well in easy manner, it is a set of hacking tools (framework). 

It has got tools for scanning, exploiting and every tool you need to hack. 

Is it free ????? Hell yeah it is. 

A team called Rapid7 has developed it very wisely for pen testing. 

Key Features - 

* It has the worlds most largest exploit database - It means its loaded with exploits. What is an exploit ?

* Its free as I said before. Metasploit comes under two different styles. 

1. GUI type - It includes some GUI (Graphical User Interface). This can cost you, but you have a trial version available. This can be downloaded here (the link will take you to the official website of Rapid7).

2. Free version - Knowledge is free right ?? Yes it is. You get a full free version of Metasploit, but it will be a cmd line mode. Like the one in KALI LINUX. Its totally free. 

* Available both on Windows and Linux - 

Yes it can be run on windows as well as Linux. If you want to run it on windows here is tutorial.

* Loads of tools  - 

As i have said it consists to tools used by all types of hackers. Loaded with exploits which can give you a turn on LOL. 

* All kind of hackers use this tool. Even the most famous Black Hats. 

* Customization and Development - Yes indeed. If you went pro in this framework you will get features to customize and develop this according to your needs.

* Easy to use, stable as hell, Terminal graphic awesomeness. 

What more do you want ?? A spoon feed ? LOL 

So don't wait, go exploit

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