Thursday, 10 November 2016

What is Kali Linux ?

I want to explain Kali Linux in the easiest way I can. 

Kali Linux is a Operating System just like your Windows 8 or 10 or
12 lol (Billy forgot to count properly)

To make it more easy, its like the android software for your android phone.

Now you ask me why is it used for ?
answer is - it is made for hacking.

Yes, it is a magical OS (Operating System) which lets you hack. 

I can say that it is a Penetration Testing platform. 

What makes it a perfect hacking OS ?
Because Kali is a stable OS which consists of 600 and more hacking tools (software's)

Features - 

* Its free

Kali Linux is an opensource Operating System. Thus its free. You can download it from the official website for free. Here is the website link - Here

You can pay if you want to LOL. Its your wish 

* The Versions - 

Kali Linux comes with some different versions according to your working environment. Lets take a look at some of the different types - 

ISO - The typical ISO image file to install with 32 or 64 bit for your physical or virtual environment. 

You can download it by a torrent seeding or direct download

VMware Version - Kali Image of VMware is used to run Kali Linux on a virtual environment.   

Other versions - like Lite, ARM images used for lower hardware (such as Raspberry Pi) and android mobile phones (like NEXUS or other compatible).

* Inbuilt Tools -

Kali has more than 600 inbuilt tools. Yes you heard me right. All of them made for hacking. Pen Testing tools for all types of security auditing. 

* Updates, Upgrades and Reps - 

Continues growth of Kali makes it stable and easy to use. Open source GIT tree makes it go wild in customization. 

* What else do you need

So the conclusion is, Kali is the way to go for Hackers. Thank you for reading this article. You may also want to see my other posts - 

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