Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to earn from Hacking ? Pen Test to earn ? Make a career

Here I have shared couple of ideas on how pen testers can make a good living out of hacking. Legal way though lol.

Lets start shall we - 
There are two paths on making money. Legal and Illegal.

I want to clearly tell all those people who think that they can hack banks and all that you can earn a lot of money by doing such things. But eventually you will end up in jail. Nobody is anonymous. No one can get away with this shitt, believe me.

As a pen tester there are lot of ways to make a good living. Because every talent or every knowledge is not a waste. 

Lets go through some - 

1. Job - As a pen tester you can get a easy job in any IT sector with 12k package. Just concentrate on your studies cause you need a good qualification to get a job as a CEH.

2. Teach - If you are good at hacking, teach people and get paid. Do seminars, workshops, short trainings. Or you can get a job as a tutor in computer academies if you don't have investments.

3. Blog To Death - Many people depend on INTERNET to learn. Why not make your own blog or website where you can earn.

4. Earn online - There are websites which pay you to hack. Just they give you targets and you have to pen test them. Here are some sites - Here and Here

5. Code and earn - If you are good at coding (programming), write you own network security software's. 

6. Do them all together if you have time ^^^ lol 

I hope you got your answers. Best of luck  

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