Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Information gathering using TheHarvester in Kali Sana

Steps and Instructions -

Hey whats up guys. In this tutorial we will try to gain target information using THEHARVESTER tool.

Its inbuilt in Kali Linux and very easy to use.

Lets do it....

Open your terminal and type in "theharvester"

This will give you a set of options to use this tool

Today we will do information gathering of website

The command we should be using is 

"theharvester -d -l 300 -b google"

At first it will go through some google searches. Collected some emails and goes to resolve IP's

Here are the things we want.

This searches where based on google caches.

There is an alternate way to get other search engine operators.

An alternate way to run this tool is by typing 

"theharvester -d -l 300 -b all"

This will let other search servers to run the tool.

Now say if you want to save the results in file. Type in 

"theharvester -d -l 300 -b google -f reports"

Access the saved file in Home tab

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