Friday, 20 January 2017

Hack anything with hardware Key Loggers

Hardware Keyloggers are same as software key loggers. But there is always a catch right.....

The hardware keylogger stores the key strokes (what has typed in the computer or phone). And sends it to you by mail.

Fun .... right ??

How it works-

It is a simple process. The user of the computer types on the keyboard. Now the keylogger stores the typed words (alphabets, nobers, signs) after the typing. The keyloggers will be connected and will be a common device amongst CPU and the keyboard(depending on what type of keylogger used). 

Although there are several hardware keyloggers which work offline. Here the keystroke logs are recorded and accessed only from the Keylogger itself. Means it will not mail you. It will store itself.

That's it. It mails you the logs which includes passwords, usernames, messages etc...

The funny part or the hard part here is that the keylogger should be present in the area. It should be plugged in. This is the catch i was telling you about.

Uses- Well you can almost do anything with this dud. Facebook, Gmail, Banks lol anything.

There are lots of types of Hardware Keyloggers-

*There are key loggers which look like a pen drive. These are the most useful as if it looks like a pendrive but can hack you passwords.

*Key loggers which look like connectors and converters. they can be easily hidden because of their appearance. 

*Key Loggers which are hidden inside the keyboard itself. LOL these are my fav. They can be sold to the victim. It's the mother of Keyloggers. Usually used in serious crimes like ATM machines and Banks (believe me this is happening).

Unlike Software Loggers these Hardware Loggers can be more accurate. But the physical access ???? As i always say.... It depends on what you are hacking.

Here is a keylogger i have bought from Amazon. Nice hacks it gives. This can put up to 4mb of keys(lots if you ask me lol). Have fun 

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  4. Great You're Joyful

    I have got one myself since like 10 decades. I like it also, not modded as yours nevertheless.

    Currently it does not operate, it chokes when heat. Brought into a neigbour of mine and he'll find a deeper look at it.

    It seems just like some have had trouble working with the automated decompression valve, which do yours have this?

    Enjoy an excellent day!

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