Thursday, 11 August 2016

Books to learn Hacking

There are several books you can prefer to learn hacking. But I have chosen these books (my collection) according to the nature in which I hack.

These will vary from hack to hack.
I have divided these like this-

1.  Code to hack (involves hacking with python )

2.  Kali to hack (hack with kali Linux- my personal best)

3.  Hack with all (involves windows, android, hardware)

So let me tell you the names of these books with which I have learned a lot.

1.  Coding –

TJ O'Connor (Author)

What have I learned from this book ?
All I can say that it’s a freakin hack book alright.
If your new ? a beginner ? this book is just made for you. Practices are made easy to conduct and an endless knowledge.
  Note - Guys I too believe in open source (Knowledge should be free). But the amount of time the authors have put to give you priceless knowledge is much more than anything. I suggest you buy this rather than going for a leaked version. These leaked versions can contain or not the full content you need.

2.  Kali to hack-

James Broad (Author)
Andrew Bindner (Author)

We all need Kali right. So to start off with hacking we need to understand kali and its awesome tools. Here is the explained book you need brother. Nothing more or nothing less.

3.  I didn’t quite find a particular name for this type of hacking. Because it involves almost all the hacking part including hardware hacking, hacking your android phone, hacking with metsploit etc
So I’ll just name these books here –

Jon Erickson (Author)

So it basically includes everything you want to know about hacking. It’s a foundation that has made many hackers alive.
I loved this book. Even when I get time I go through this again and every time it amazes me.

The main point here is to learn. I prefer you read or watch tutorials more out. See knowledge is free but also endless. Here I have just given some names to begin with. All the best guys I want to see you exploiting …… 

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