Saturday, 24 September 2016

Using OPH crack

Use Ophcrack -

1. Download and install ophcrack from

2. Run the ophcrack program and set the number of threads under the
Preferences tab to the number of cores of the computer running ophcrack plus one. If you change this value, you have to exit ophcrack and restart it in order to save the change.

Note: This step is optional but will speed up the cracking process.

3. Click the Load button to add hashes. There are numerous ways to add the hashes:

Enter the hash manually (Single Hash option)
Import a text file containing hashes you created with pwdump, fgdump, or similar third-party tools (PWDUMP File option)
Extract the hashes from the SYSTEM and SAM files (Encrypted SAM option)
Dump the SAM from the computer ophcrack is running on (Local SAM option)
Dump the SAM from a remote computer (Remote SAM option)

Note: For the Encrypted SAM option, the SAM is located under the Windows system32/config directory and can only be accessed for a Windows partition that is not running. For the Local SAM and Remote SAM options, you must be logged in with the administrator rights on the computer you want to dump the SAM.

4. Click the Tables button.

5. Click the enable (green and yellow) buttons. 6. Using the up and down arrows, sort the rainbow tables you are going to use. Keep in mind that storing the rainbow tables on a fast medium like a hard disk will signifi- cantly speed up the cracking process.

7. Click the Crack button to start the cracking process. You’ll see the progress of the cracking process in the bottom boxes of the ophcrack window.

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