Friday, 12 August 2016

New Types of Hackers and their classification

I would like to write this article to introduce you to the new types of Hackers that are unrecognized at present.
Let’s get our basics right…..

Types of Hackers:-

1.       Black Hat: A Hacker who hacks for his benefit. He is an illegal hacker.

2.       White Hat: A Hacker (Penetration Tester) who hacks or test the security of a network. He is a legal hacker.

3.       Gray Hat: Yes you guessed it right. Hybrid moody guy who can do it for money or for just security analysis.

4.       Green Hat: ‘nOOBz’ is what they say.

5.       Blue Hats: These are the once who take revenge by Hacking. They can hire one to do so.

6.       Script Kiddies: What I call them is :Copy Paste guys: lol . They borrow codes or steal the programs to Hack.

7.       Hactivists: These are activist who hack for religious purpose or social purposes.

8.       Tricksters: These are the new types of Hackers. They are not yet termed yet, because they are not yet popular. Usually they have tricks to pull of Hacks.

Today I’ll be talking about some details on Tricksters. Because these guys produce big Hacks according to my social experience.

A simple trick can give a massive amount of information. Ex- If an attacker uses a simple keylogger to log username and password of a bank account can really be a big loot.  Here the attacker just used a simple hack or you can say a trick. So from the ex you can presume that a trickster is a black hat, not a security engineer. He has used a simple trick to hack his victim. The trick can be anything. It can be a prank, manipulation technique. He can be classified under a Black Hat.

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