Thursday, 28 July 2016

Truth about Cyber World

Hey guys 

I have written a small article on Cyber World truths and facts. I insist you take some time off and read this.


1. Internet
Internet has become our second home. Right ???? So what if I tell you that you are only using 38% of the internet
. “Yes”. You are accessing only 38% of the Internet. Most parts of Internet is hidden from you. Government has issued a law where your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) has to hide content from you. Now please don’t blame the Government, because it’s partly their fault. Government has only prevented somewhat 10% of the content. Now where is the rest of 52% content of internet ?? Now here comes the part where it really gets freaky …. Heard of ‘DEEP WEB’ ??????

Deep web – (aka Dark Web, Dark Net, Onion Layer)
The rest of internet is resided into the deepest layer of the WWW. That we call Deep Web. These types of websites are not accessible by your normal browsers. There sites are located deep down under onion layer of internet, thus the sites are called onion sites. These sites can be accessed by a browser called TOR (TOR was built by American Navy for anonymous communication). So what are these sites offer ??? Your getting it right…… Almost all types of illegal activities are done her. The market is so vast with various activities like Drugs selling, Minor Porn, Passport Visa manipulation, Human Trafficking, or you can even hire hackers to do illegal work. I had seen an Online drug store which is running from the past ten years.

Here a common question arises that why don’t the cops deface these sites ??? I have an answer for that. These sites are un indexed or you can say untraceable. Even the Government do not have a chance. For example take ‘parrot bay’ or ‘KAT’ torrent sites. The cops finally found the owner of  KAT after 5 years of search. KAT was not even an onion site. So you can imagine how much force and time it would take to trace a deep web site.

2. Social Media

Feel addicted ???? I have an antidote that can cure you. Recently you may have got a message in whatsap about your privacy. It states that you currently have encrypted chat. I am definitely sure that it’s not, lol. Do you know that your email addresses are currently being traded ? Famous sites like Google, Facebook have exchanged your email addresses for money…… Shocked ??? Its not considered as invasion of privacy because it’s done by respected sites. Have you ever uploaded on Google Drive ?? if you have then you are fun stock for Google. Google reads and writes your uploaded clouded data. Imagine Google employees accessing your personal data and you being a laughing stock in the office amongst their employees. Your data transfer is not peer to peer. So it’s definitely not secure. It’s not the end folks even the NSA is doing it……

NSA (National Security Agency)
An agency which provides protection to your network. It’s hilarious because they are reading your data, they have kept eye on you or your all profiles on social media. And the worst part is people even don’t consider to oppose it.


They say that a hacker is born every 2 minutes. As we all know that Hackers are criminals right ???
So let me share some facts about Hackers.
There are currently more than 500 anonymous Hackers groups fighting against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) terrorists. These hackers are doing such damage to the terrorist that the recovery of ISIS data can’t be done for 5 more years. There are more than 50000 hackers who state that information should be free. If just 20% of hackers get together and fight corruption, every individual in this world will be debt free. Hackers prefer open source (free) operating system and software and avoid proprietary OS or software’s. If your using windows 7,8 or 10 and free software’s, then please thank these guys or you would have to pay for it.

Thank you guys for reading this. Cheers

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