Tuesday, 17 January 2017

DOS attack using Kali Sana

Mostly people don't use ETTERCAP for a DOS attack. But its Kali Linux. Ettercap provides a good DOS against any type of target. Here is a tutorial.

(above is a video tutorial you can refer to)

Steps and instructions - 

Requirements -

* Kali Linux installed.

* A good internet connection.

* A target IP address.

What is Ettercap ?????

Ettercap is a tool built-in in Kali Linux used for various types of attacks.

You may want to read this article to know waht is DOS - DOS attacks aka SMURF attacks (all you need to know)

But here we are doing a basic DOS attack on a target system to weaken it. 

(If you want to conduct a heavy DOS attack, you can refer this tutorial - DOS attack using Slowloris in Kali Linux )

So lets do it......

Steps - 

* Open your terminals and type in "ettercap -G" 

Hit enter and you will get welcome banner for ettercap

Or you can go up to Application menu and select sniffing and spoofing - ettercap

* From the menu of ettercap select sniff - unified sniffing

* You will get an option to select your interface. Select your interface (can be eth0 if you are using wired internet or wlan if you are using Wi-Fi).

You can check your network interface by typing "ifconfig" in another terminal.

Note - Don't close the existing terminal. Otherwise ettercap will be closed.

My network interface is eth0. So I will select that. 

* After clicking Ok, you will get this screen

* Select plugins from the menu. And say manage plugins

* You will get several options. Choose DOS_ATTACK 

* You get an input tab where you have to specify the target IP address

* Make sure that the target is alive. Means if it is up or not. Do a ping command. Say "ping target IP"

My target is up and running. I will enter the IP address in the input tab and hit enter.

* After this you will get another input option. Say the same IP address (target) and hit enter.

* That's it mate. You have started the DOS attack.

After some time the target will be down. Check it out by pinging the target again. 

This was a very basic DOS attack. Works better with your internet speed. 

Thanx guys for reading this tutorial. 

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  1. OMG those are very useful tut. Thanks for sharing man.

  2. Dude will it work on a website because like godaddy use a firewall from protecting dos attack

  3. its a basic Dos attack, no it wont work. You can use big tools like LOIC, Xoic, Pyloris, Hulk. But you need to figure out your way in. They are protected right.